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8 PCS Car Wire Loom Harness Tape 19 mm x 15m for Automobile Car Electrical Wire Black Abrasion Resistance Heat Proof Electrical Flannel Noise Damping Tape
Автор: wiringharnesses2021 Категория: Лайфстайл
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 When a car is driving, noise will affect driving. In severe cases, it may even make people irritable, reduce concentration, and affect safety. In the face of noise from different sources, the Car Audio & Video Wiring Harnesses tape prov...
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 1. Wear resistance performance: The rough surface and sharp edges of the wire harness may cut the tape, causing the wire harness to lose its insulation protection, binding and fixing, sealing and other properties, and even lead to the a...
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 Cloth tape is abbreviated as PET tape. Commonly used cloth tape has the following types: fiber cloth tape, polyester cloth tape, wool polyester cloth tape, flannel tape, felt tape, electrical insulation waterproof tape, non-adhesive clo...
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 Wire harness tape is used to insulate wire wrapping and wire ends. It involves electrical safety. Therefore, choosing a rolled insulation tape is a problem that every customer has to face. There are many PVC tapes on the market. How to ...
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 Automotive wiring harness tape is composed of two parts: a substrate and an adhesive, which connect two or more unconnected objects together by bonding. A layer of adhesive is coated on the surface. The earliest adhesives came from anim...
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 There are as many as 50 types of tape used in every new car. Some tapes are used to assemble parts, some are used to provide protection during the painting process and are removed immediately after the new car is off the assembly line, ...
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 The thicker the high-temperature tape, the higher the cost, so choose products with high cost performance. Because the degree of high temperature resistance is different, high temperature tape is composed of substrate and glue. The thic...
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 The automobile circuit is an important component of the automobile, and the function and signal transmission in the automobile circuit are connected by the automobile wiring harness. The automobile wiring harness is fixed on the entire ...
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 Many automobile manufacturers are using automotive wiring harness tape. This product is mainly aimed at automotive industry wiring harness. It uses low-density PE foam as the base material and has safe and reliable strapping. Automotive...
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 The automobile wiring harness is the main body of the automobile circuit, and there is no automobile circuit without the wiring harness. As people"s requirements for safety, comfort, economy, and emission of automobiles increase, automo...
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 Nowadays, more and more families have cars, and cars have entered the homes of ordinary people. Not only have they become one of the main means of transportation for many people when they go out, they are also the second home for many p...
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 For traditional wire harness tape products, it is more about starting from the demand point of the product, returning to the original intention of traditional wire harness tape product design, using more environmentally friendly raw mat...
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